Providers in the Columbia Office

Shanna J. Evering LCPC-S

Have you ever just wanted to sit down to off-load something that’s been eating away at you for too long?

Lexa Grobicki LCMFT

Everyone lives in their own tangled web of relationships and sorting them out.....

Jessica Fener LCSW-C

Do you ever feel alone and that no one understands your struggles? Do you feel....

Dr. Carlos Evering Anesthesiologist

I am a board certified anesthesiologist and graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Nana Daining LCSW-C

Do you walk around with a cloud over your head? Is your anxiety out of control? Does your life feel like a constant replay of traumatic events?

Carly Falk LCPC

Most Americans can identify at least one traumatic or distressing incident...

Ericka Leonard LCSW-C

Are you plagued by thoughts of self-doubt or unworthiness?

Nicole Millner LCMFT

Often times, we are blinded by the fog in the relationships and life experiences we encounter.

Jesse A. Ludwig LCPC

You feel stuck. You may often find yourself feeling sad, angry, or irritable.

Gloria Chiantella LGPC

Are you ready to live in your preferred future? I understand it can often feel overwhelming, uncertain and unfamiliar to ask for help

Janel R. Cubbage LGPC

Often times we are carrying around the mental and emotional weight of issues in our relationships, past experiences, traumas

Jennifer Sussal LGSW

Facing life challenges can be strenuous for all of us, and when it involves our own families

Sharnise Hendricks LGPC

Do you ever feel out of sync with yourself or within your relationships with others?

Chuck McGeiver LGMFT

So much of our daily life involves interactions and relationships with others.

Maggie McCleary LGPC

Are you looking to establish healthier relationships with yourself and others?

Lenny Moynihan LGPC

As a holistic psychotherapist, I believe we are connected in our mind, body and spirit.
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