Concierge Therapy Services bridge the gap between high-quality, value-based healthcare and affordable access.

Concierge Therapy Services grew out of a need for clients to have more time with their therapists – and for therapists to have more time to truly get to know their clients. The model allows providers the time necessary to capture a client’s complete story, get to know the client’s unique history, and treat the whole person rather than just the acute symptoms.

At Discover Yourself Wellness Center, we provide Concierge Therapy Services in addition to your routine mental health appointments. Due to medical necessity guidelines, we have limits with the amount of time that can be billed to your health insurance plan. Your provider, our billing team or the wellness center owner can discuss with you the amount of sessions that can be appropriately billed to your health insurance plan. These decisions are determined in regard to clinical need.

Concierge Therapy Services can be offered as fee-for-service options in 15 MIN increments. In several cases, our clients have been able to put into practice the ideal theoretical concepts that remind them of “the good old days” when therapists were able to spend more time with clients, understand their struggles fully, get to the root of the problem, and – ultimately – treat them better.

Your provider at Discover Yourself Wellness Center can offer additional support in 15 MIN increments prorated at $35 per 15 MINs. If you could benefit from financial assistance, please discuss your needs directly with your provider. They can help determine sliding scale options to best support you. These services will be invoiced to your attention and payment will be collected accordingly. Concierge Therapy Services will not be billed to your health insurance plan.

Are there any drawbacks or concerns with Concierge Therapy Services? It is possible to encounter scheduling complications with additional services. It’s always important to communicate preferred days/times with your provider in advance and also consider ways you might be able to offer flexibility in scheduling additional time with your provider. Additionally, while Concierge Therapy Services do provide a more rapid response between a situation occurring and getting help, the downside is less opportunity to develop distress tolerance. As with everything in the realm of psychological functioning, balance is key. While reaching out for services is helpful and can improve the progress of treatment, it must also be balanced with internal resiliency. Your provider can support you in finding the best balance for your custom needs and care.

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