Discover Yourself Wellness Center provider, Angelique Hillendahl LCPC is the author and copyright holder of the Happily Ever After curriculum for this marriage enrichment program.

This program is designed as an exploratory journey where couples are guided through discussion topics by a trained therapist. Topics are designed to help increase awareness and understanding and to facilitate deeper levels of attachment. This is a self enrichment program and is best suited for couples seeking to enhance their relationship.

Couples with clearly identified issues may benefit from this program. However, it is recommended that those couples with significant underlying issues work first on those issues through intensive couples or individual counseling prior to starting the enrichment program.

There are two packages available.

The 8 session package includes 8 (1 hour) sessions with pre-determined topics. The cost of the 8 session package is $800 with $400 due on session 1 and the remaining $400 due on session 4.

The 4 session package includes topic #1 and then a choice of 3 other session topics. The cost for this package is $500 due at the end of session 1.

Session topics are as follows:

Session 1: Introductions, Relationship History and Attachment styles

Session 2: Family Dynamics Part 1 (family history, family dynamics, merging of families)

Session 3: Family Dynamics Part 2 (expanding the family, children, aging parents)

Session 4: Roles, responsibilities and future goals

Session 5: Values, Religion and Spirituality

Session 6: Communication and conflict management

Session 7: Sex, Intimacy and Love

Session 8: Money management

*   It’s important to note this program does not constitute a medical necessity and as such will not be eligible for payment by an insurance company or 3rd party payer.

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